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Kerala Facts PSC Repeated Questions and Answers 2018

Kerala Facts PSC Repeated Questions and Answers 2018 | Kerala PSC Facts about Kerala | Kerala PSC Questions and Answers 2018 | Download PSC Questions and Answers 2018 | KPSC Questions and answers 2018

1. The rank of Kerala in terms of population in India
(a) 13 
(c) 18 
(d) None of these

2. The State of Kerala was formed in:
(a) 1947 
(b) 1956 
(c) 1950 
(d) 1955

3. When the State of Kerala was formed there were 5 districts. The number of districts became 14 in the year:
(a) 1984 
(b) 1985 
(c) 1986 
(d) 1987

4. The District administration in Kerala is headed by:
(a) District Collector 
(b) Municipal Secretary
(c) Mayor 
(d) R.D.O.

5. The number of Rajya Sabha seats in Kerala
(a) 12 
(c) 9 
(d) 6

6. The number of members in the Kerala Legislative Assembly:
(a) 140 
(b) 141 
(c) 133 
(d) 126

7. The number of west flowing rivers in Kerala:
(a) 44 
(b) 41 
(c) 34 
(d) 40

8. Tahsildar is the head of administration of:
(a) District 
(b) Sub Division 
(c) Taluk 
(d) Village

9. Mayor is the head of:
(a) Village 
(b) Block 
(c) Sub Division
(d) Corporation

10. The number of Railway Stations in Kerala:
(a) 188 
(b) 250 
(c) 99 
(d) 140

11. The number of backwaters in Kerala:
(a) 34 
(b) 44 
(c) 54 
(d) 50

12. The middle tier of Panchayat Raj system in Kerala:
(a) Corporation 
(b) Municipality
(c) Village 
(d) Block

13. The area of Kerala is..... sq km.
(a) 38683 
(b) 32847
(c) 36600 
(d) 38863

14. Which among the following union territory shares border with Kerala:
(a) Puduchery 
(b) Daman
(c) Dadra 
(d) Andaman

15. The number of districts in Kerala, without coastline:
(a) 9 
(b) 7 
(c) 5 
(d) 4

16. The largest natural fresh water lake in Kerala:
(a) Vembanad 
(b) Sasthamkotta
(c) Vellayani 
(d) Pookkod

17. The height of Anamudi is .... metres.
(a) 2695 
(b) 2817 
(c) 2617 
(d) 2841

18. The lowest region in Kerala:
(a) Kochi 
(b) Beykal
(c) Kuttanad 
(d) Punalur

19. The longest National Highway in Kerala:
(a) NH 47 
(b) NH 66 (old name NH 17)
(c) NH 49 
(d) NH 47A

20. The Main Central Road connencts Thiruvananthapuram and:
(a) Edappally 
(b) Valayar
(c) Angamali 
(d) Mancheswaram

21. The State Tree of Kerala:
(a) Ficus 
(b) Banyan Tree
(c) Coconut Tree 
(d) Teak

22. The rank of Kerala in terms of area in India
(a) 12 
(c) 18 
(d) None of these

23. The largest religious group in Kerla:
(a) Hindus 
(b) Muslims
(c) Christians 
(d) None of these

24. Kerala ranks first in Indian except:
(a) lowest birth rate 
(b) lowest death rate
(c) lowest infant morlality rate
(d) lowest urban population

25. As per 2011 Census, in terms of population density, Kerala ranks.....among the Indian States.
(a) 3
(b) 1 
(c) 2 
(d) 4

Answer Key
 1 (a) 2(b) 3 (a) 4 (a) 5(c) 6(b) 7(b) 8(c) 9(d) 10(a)11(a) 12(d) 13(d) 14(a) 15(c) 16(b) 17(a) 18(c) 19(b) 20(c) 21(c) 22(b) 23(a) 24(d) 25(a)

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